North Dakota, ND

North Dakota, the 19th largest state. was formed from the Dakota territory alongside its sister state South Dakota.  North Dakota is currently considered one of the most productive and best run states in the United States and is notable for being the only state with its own state bank.  Even though North Dakota is listed as the 39th state, it is actually unknown if North Dakota or South Dakota was first officially admitted to the Union.

North Dakota’s economy is heavily agricultural although an oil boom in recent years has greatly expanded the presence of the energy industry.  The technology and service industries also provide notable contributions to North Dakota’s economy.  North Dakota is considered one of the least visited states for tourism, with the most popular attractions including the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Norsk Høstfest.

Small concentrations of North Dakota’s population can be found in the center and the eastern edge of the state around the cities of Bismark and Fargo.  North Dakota’s population experienced a substantial increase with the oil boom in the early 2000s.


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